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Live blogging from Copenhagen. See also Day 1 The Intranet's new role Brad Whitworth - Cisco "When you work from home you learn how to look good from the waist up" We no longer need to be at a desk in an office to work. At Cisco they have a dermatologist that can do 95% of diagnoses via telepresence with the help of an on-site nurse. Even receptionists don't have...

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#IEC16 "the HomePage of an intranet is the most important page. It is the first page users see - and the last for some" @IntraTeam Live blogging from the IntraTeam conference in Copenhagen. See also Day 2 Our move to a tag/topic based intranet Dennis Agusi – Philips [caption width="300" id="attachment_5055" align="alignright"] The case for a new Philips intranet[/caption]Dennis described an extensive intranet replacement programme. In the past Philips...

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The people directory has long been on the ‘killer app’ list when it comes to intranet features. Originally this was mostly phone numbers, but typically it now also includes photographs, skills, reporting lines, hobbies and interests. No, let me rephrase that; … typically it now includes fields for this information. In practice, some organisations still disable them....

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Who works for your organisation? Employees probably come to mind first, but usually there are also contractors, contingent or seasonal workers, some consultants, agencies that you outsource to, partner organisations or even whole service departments like payroll that are outsourced. All of these people contribute to what you do and represent a spectrum of relationships. But often our digital workplaces fail to reflect these nuances, instead reducing...

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