Digital Workplace Manifesto (illustrated)

January 22, 2013 7 Comments by Sam Marshall

Click for biggerThe agenda for the digital workplace is becoming established from an architectural perspective, but what are the things we need to preserve from the employee\worker point of view? Here is our take on a manifesto for employees, contractors and freelancers.

We originally released this last October as a text version inspired (like so many) by the Cluetrain manifesto. We’ve now produced a graphic version with the help of

Full imageText only version

Download and print (PDF; 5.5MB]

The Digital Workplace Manifesto

  1. Work is no longer a place. Let me be productive where I choose, but respect my home life too.
  2. Manage the outcome, not the process. Trust that I’m working productively when you can’t see me, but hold me accountable for the results.
  3. The digital workplace should be a pleasure to use. If it’s not as good as my digital home life, let me bring in my own devices.
  4. Collaboration only works if we do it the same way. The best tool is the one we all use, otherwise we create digital divides to match physical ones.
  5. Let me be myself online. My profile is who I am in the digital workplace, and many of my working relationships may be with people I don’t get to meet
  6. Learning is good for me and the company. Give me the opportunity to acquire knowledge from outside and in, and the chance to use it well
  7. Not everyone is an early-adopter. Give support and guidance to those that need it, but also freedom to learn by playing for the self-starters.
  8. Work doesn’t stop at the firewall. Our digital workplace should encompass customers, suppliers, partners and contacts.
  9. Everything should be geared to helping me do the work that matters. Remove the irritants like multiple logins. You know who I am – once I’m logged in I should get everywhere I need to go.
  10. Working relationships involve understanding each other. Let me express my views and I’ll listen to yours
  11. If I don’t like it, I can always leave





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