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About our report (and all the T&Cs)

Our reports are highly-respected and established publications that cover all the best digital workplace products. 

How it works 

We update and expand our reports routinely. For an up-front one-off payment you’ll receive the current report and updated issues within a year of your purchase date.

What this means: 

  • Purchase at any time and immediately get the current issue 
  • You will automatically receive updates to the report within the 12-month period you made your purchase
  • We’ll get in touch to let you know that you have received all issues from your payment (and ask if you want to purchase again, it does not automatically renew).

In each issue we expect to include new product reviews and updates of existing reviews where products have substantially changed. We will flag to you what has been added, so you can home in on what matters to you.

While the report is priced in US dollars (USD), you can use your regular company credit / debit card and all the currency conversion will be done for you. ClearBox Consulting is a UK (and EU) company, but we price the report in USD for the global market. 

The value of updates 

Regular updates will give you the confidence that you always have the latest information to hand.

We know you’re keen to select a product. But we think digital teams will benefit from getting the report early on, to get a sense of what is possible. Once you’ve gathered requirements and are ready to make a more precise buying decision, what is on offer may well have moved on.  

Our report also serves as an industry reference, so if your business is advising others, or developing a product of you own, we can help you stay on top of how the market is evolving. 

Buy the current report now and we’ll automatically send you the new issue as soon as we release it.

Full T&Cs

Buying the report

  1. You only need to make 1 up-front purchase to download the current issue of the report, plus the subsequent issues if and when they become available. For example, if you purchase in January, then a new issue is released in February, you would receive the link to download each. You would then receive the link for later issues. You would not receive a link for the following February’s new issue.
  2. Your purchase entitles you to an instant download (via an emailed link once payment has been processed) of the current issue of the report. The current issue number is stated on the relevant report sales page. You will then automatically receive additional issues of the report for free, which will be sent by email link within 48 hours of the new issue being made available on our website. Updates will not be sent to you after 12 months from your purchase date have elapsed.
  3. Your purchasing year begins on the date that you purchase the report and ends a calendar year later.
  4. Updates to the report may include new products, updated information, revised scoring for scenarios, but note that new issues will not always include a wholesale update to the entire report. We make no warranty regarding the number or frequency of updates following a purchase. We will tell you what has changed when each issue has been released and will make it clear when the entire report has been updated.
  5. If you don’t want to receive updated versions of the report during your purchasing year then you can simply ignore the emails asking you to download the new issue. This will not extend the period covered by your purchasing year however, which will always be 12 months from the point of purchase.
  6. The price is shown in US dollars, and the purchase process automatically converts the currency to your local currency. Outside the UK, VAT is not charged for EU customers where a VAT Number is given (B2B). Otherwise VAT is charged as a supply to consumers at the UK rate of 20%.
  7. We accept all major credit and debit cards as payment, or you may request an invoice. We’ll email you themreport download within 3 days of receiving payment. Discounts are not available when paying via invoice owing to the extra processing costs.
  8. By requesting our report, you agree to be added to our mailing list so we can keep in touch. Our newsletters are full of digital workplace related links and resources, and you can unsubscribe in one click. Read our privacy statement for how we manage your details, and your rights.

End-user licencing

  1. In all cases, the contents of the report may not be shared outside of your organisation (including with any agencies, partners, customers, prospects, or suppliers), in whole or in part in any physical or digital format without written permission from ClearBox Consulting Ltd. Sharing of short sections of text with attribution in accordance with standard copyright fair use for review purposes is permitted, but this excludes scores, tables, and screenshots.
  2. The content may be shared inside your organisation subject to the following conditions:
    1. If you have purchased this report as an ‘End User’** then you are licensed to share it either digitally or in print inside your organisation with other employees (and direct contractors) of the same organisation. You may make the report available on your internal file server or intranet. Re-use of paragraphs and tables for internal reports in accordance with standard copyright fair use is permitted, provided it is with attribution to ClearBox Consulting www.clearbox.co.uk.
    2. If you have purchased this report as a ‘Consultant or Vendor’*** then you are licensed to share up to five (5) copies, either digitally or in print, with your immediate internal team. No more than five copies should exist within your organisation, and it may not be made accessible via a file share or your intranet. If wider access is needed, then please contact ClearBox Consulting for an extended licence agreement.
    3. If you have received this report as a complimentary review copy, then the licence is for your personal use only and it may not be shared with any other person.
  3. **End Users. End users are considered to be professionals responsible for their organisation’s own internal systems and will not provide services, advice, or products to other organisations on any matter related to the content of this report. Examples include, but are not limited to: IT Manager, IT Director, Intranet Manager, Internal Communications Specialist.
  4. ***Consultant or Vendor. Consultants or Vendors are any business that involves providing systems, advice, or services to other organisations on any matter related to the content of this report. Examples include, but are not limited to: Sales manager, Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Consultant, Communications Agency, Customer Success Manager.

About ClearBox and the report

  1. ClearBox Consulting is an independent consultancy, and we do not take any payment from vendors for inclusion or favourable reviews. We review products against our criteria and tell you the good and the not-so-good.
  2. For help purchasing the report or to discuss choosing a product, email us on hello@clearbox.co.uk and we’ll reply as soon as we can.