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ClearBox Intranet Choices 2022

ClearBox Choice 2022, on a blue hexagon, overlaid upon a photo of woman on laptop with a dog.

ClearBox Intranet Choices 2022

The digital workplace market is a complex space and we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching intranet and employee experience platforms. We released our major report in January 2022 (which you can download for free right now) that includes a thorough assessment of 32 of the best products.

But, with so many intranet and similar products to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. From the reviews featured in our report we have compiled an annual list of ‘Intranet Choices’ – products that we expect would often be on people’s shortlists.

Our Choices are based on our scenario assessment and scores, product pricing, vendor track record, and customer feedback. Note though that we don’t say that the Choices are the ‘best’ intranet products. There is no single ‘best’ intranet; there is only a product that is the best match for your needs. However, we appreciate that in a complex marketplace, some signposting can be helpful.

So, here we present the solutions that we feel stand out for 2022. For more information about each of these and the other 26 products we’ve assessed, please download the free report.

ClearBox Intranet Choices 2022

We’ve not previously reviewed Haiilo (previously COYO) and were very pleasantly surprised by what we saw of this independent intranet. There is a strong focus on social and collaboration, which helps to build a feeling of community across the platform. It’s very easy to use and allows publishers to create very attractive pages.

Coyo mock intranet home page. Fruit themed, three columns, lots of fruit photos with headlines over them.

Haiilo’s bright home page, with a focus on communication and community.

Interact have a long track record in the intranet market and this level of experience is reflected in the independent intranet product. Interact is among one of the highest scoring products in this report, with a range of features that makes the experience for end-users smooth and engaging.

Logo: Interact.
Interact mock intranet ome page, four columns, headlines and sumaries below photos.

Interact is a very flexible tool, which creates highly attractive pages.

Involv is a SharePoint intranet in-a-box product that uses SharePoint and other M365 features very well, particularly SharePoint Lists and MS Teams. It fills some of the gaps we still see in SharePoint and all at a very compelling price point.

Involv mock intranet home page, showing large photos, body text, and icons.

Involv works very well with MS Teams and presents users with an attractive intranet.

Another SharePoint intranet in-a-box product, Omnia is highly flexible and delivers an excellent experience that’s more advanced than Microsoft’s. The presentation of complex information is strong, with a great ‘Glossary’ tool. Integrations with Microsoft applications is also good.

Omna intranet demo home page displayed inside Microsoft Teams desktop app.

An Omnia intranet displays well in MS Teams or on the browser.

With its origins in the employee mobile app market, Staffbase is now a fully featured independent intranet product that still delivers a first-rate mobile experience. With the acquisition of Bananatag and Valo in 2021, Staffbase is one of the largest employee experience platforms on the market and its features certainly deliver.

Staffbase demo home pages on mobile phone and desktop.

Staffbase works very well on mobile and desktop with plenty of features at users’ fingertips.

Independent intranet Unily is another high scorer in this report and has a good track record as being a powerful platform that is capable of supporting large organisations. Even smaller businesses will appreciate the flexibility behind the scenes and the appealing user experience.

Logo: Unily.
Unily demo intranet home page showing hero image and lists and headlines.

Unily delivers attractive intranets with excellent user experience.

Report cover: Intranet and employee experience platforms. Reviews of the best products. Woman on couch with dog and laptop.

For more information about each of these and the other 26 products we’ve assessed, please download the free report.

The 733-page report is a completely free download,
and we’ll automatically send you any updates.

Suzie Robinson

I've always worked with intranets, and have practical experience with all aspects of intranet management, including research, implementation, governance, and strategy. My roots are in internal communication and I focus on employee experience and engagement.

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