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Intranet Launch & Adoption

Workshop exercise.
Sam Marshall.

Adoption remains a challenge for many companies

No matter how well designed an intranet is, if it’s not used by employees then it won’t add value. However, intranet adoption remains a challenge for many companies, with low usage levels and functionality often ignored as old practices persist. In this half-day workshop Sam Marshall will guide you through a range of techniques for improving the use of your intranet.

Sam will guide you through a range of techniques for improving the use of your intranet. Topics covered include:

  • What are the reasons why intranet adoption can be challenging?
  • What strategies have leading companies used to successfully introduce social tools?
  • How can we change ingrained habits like email attachments as a way to collaborate?
  • How much should we rely on managers and leaders to drive intranet adoption?
  • How can we encourage people to create content and interact, rather than just reading it?
  • What are our options for training and education?

The session will be a combination of practical frameworks, exercises and case studies, drawing lessons from psychology, economics and change management. At the end you’ll have an immediate and longer-term action plan that you can start straight away.

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