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Intranet Now Diamond Award 2016 – the short list

Diamond Award

Intranet Now Diamond Award 2016 – the short list

When Wedge Black and Brian Lamb took the initiative to start Intranet Now in 2014, they also did a very generous thing in giving out a Diamond Award – as if the demands of conference organising weren’t enough on their own.  The first, very worthy winner was Martin White. Last year, having looked at all the deserving names on the nomination list, I was convinced it wouldn’t be me so was dumbstruck when Martin handed me the fine glass ornament (this is why I never do ‘predictions’ blog posts). I remember clutching the box that weighs about as much as a small terrier whilst having a beer at the bar afterwards but the rest of it becomes rather fuzzy.

I’m excited to see the nomination list for 2016, and some very deserving names were suggested by the community. It makes me appreciate that we are in an industry where people put an awful lot of thought into what they are doing and care enough to talk, blog, tweet about it, as well as setting up some inspiring initiatives too.  Wedge and Brian have the former winners to share the burden of deciding who it will go to, but it is a very tough call and I’m glad they get to take the final decision!

Paul Miller, of the Digital Workplace Group, nominated by Helen Day of DWG.

James Robertson, of Step Two, nominated by Toyah Coolican of North Wales Police, and Andrew Wright of Panviva and the Worldwide Intranet Challenge.

The Intranetizens, including Dana Leeson, of BSI and The IC Crowd, nominated by Jenni Field and Rachel Miller of The IC Crowd; Jon Phillips, of Coca Cola Enterprises, nominated by Sam Marshall; Sharon O’Dea, of 300 Seconds and more, nominated by Sam Marshall; and Luke Mepham, of Aviva, nominated by Wedge.

Nigel Danson, founder of Interact, nominated by Martin White of Intranet Focus.

Nigel Williams, of Interact, nominated by Mike Hague of Interact.

Kristian Norling, founder of Intranätverk, nominated by Patrik Bergman of Haldex.

Richard Hare, of Flare Consulting, nominated by Keri Harrowven of Ian Williams.

Patrik Bergman, of Haldex, nominated by Wedge.

Steve Bynghall, of DWG and Step Two and himself, nominated by Wedge.

Janus Boye, of J. Boye, nominated by Martin White of Intranet Focus.

Dan Slee, of Comms 2.0, nominated by Wedge.

Gerry McGovern, of Customer Carewords, nominated by Brian.

Jane McConnell, of the Organisation in the Digital Age report, nominated by Wedge.

Andrew Wright, of Panviva and the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, nominated by Wedge.

Toby Ward, of Prescient, nominated by Brian.

The winner will be announced at the Intranet Now conference on the 30th of September, in London.

Sam Marshall speaking at Intranet Now 2016

Sam Marshall

I'm the director of ClearBox Consulting, advising on intranet and digital workplace strategy, SharePoint and online collaboration. I've specialised in intranets and knowledge Management for over 19 years, working with organisations such as Unilever, Astra Zeneca, Akzo Nobel, Sony, Rio Tinto and Diageo. I was responsible for Unilever’s Global Portal Implementation, overseeing the roll-out of over 700 online communities to 90,000 people and consolidating several thousand intranets into a single system.

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