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Knowledge Management

Goals from a knowledge perspective

ClearBox looks at your organisation’s goals from a knowledge perspective and helps you make changes such as improving knowledge-sharing, enhancing innovation, and learning from the past. A particular area of focus is dealing with knowledge retention when key staff leave e.g. through retirement or restructuring.

How can ClearBox help?

True learning organisations have a culture of personal learning and organisation-wide knowledge management. ClearBox can guide your technology use and help shape people’s habits.

Learning Histories

When your organisation has been through a significant event such as a new product launch, acquisition or crisis phase, there is a significant opportunity for reflecting and learning. Learning Histories are a way to summarise events, bringing multiple perspectives into a readable format, and to consolidate understanding. The emphasis is on producing a thinking tool for the whole organisation that goes beyond those directly involved at the time.

Knowledge retention

If you’re planning a restructuring programme, we can help you identify areas of knowledge that may be at risk and implement a knowledge retention plan. We have extensive experience in dealing with the people side of this situation and are able to select from a wide range of approaches according to the situation and desired outcomes.

Building and sustaining

We have a well-proven approach to creating and sustaining communities and networks, both face to face and online.

Knowledge elicitation & mapping

Even if an expert is willing to share their knowledge, it can be hard to do without the right approach. We can help facilitate this using the most appropriate technique. Some examples include:

  • Soft Systems Analysis (e.g. Checkland Diagrams)
  • Concept Mapping (e.g. taxonomies)
  • Mind Mapping
  • Storytelling
  • After Action Reviews
  • ‘Mastermind’ sessions

“Manages to achieve the rare combination of a deep understanding of knowledge management with the ability to identify and deliver short term pragmatic actions.”

– e-Business Programme Director, Unilever.

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