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Office 365 and SharePoint Adoption

Workshop exercise.
Sam Marshall.

Maximise your investment in SharePoint and Office 365

No matter how well designed an intranet or digital workplace is, if your people aren’t using it, it won’t add value. Adoption remains a challenge for many companies due to low usage levels and ignored functionalities because old habits persist.

In this full-day workshop led by digital workplace expert, Sam Marshall, your team will discover a range of techniques for maximising the use of SharePoint and the rich set of tools in Office 365.

Topics covered include:

  • Common reasons why user adoption is challenging
  • ‘What to use when’ in the Office 365 toolkit
  • Strategies used by leading companies to successfully introduce new collaboration tools
  • Changing ineffective habits for collaboration and document storage
  • The role managers and leaders play in driving adoption
  • Motivation tactics that encourage people to create and engage with content
  • Proven launch techniques for boosting awareness

This workshop is designed for SharePoint and Office 365 stakeholders in areas such as Internal Communications, IT and HR. We know all organisations are unique, so workshop benefits are not limited to professionals from these groups.

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At the end of our day together, you will have an immediate and long-term action plan to start improving SharePoint and Office 365 adoption.

If not using SharePoint, consider our general Intranet Launch and Adoption Workshop, and check our other workshops.