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SharePoint intranets in-a-box report 2018

New products, new assessment scenarios, new scoring

Report cover 2018, showing lots of boxes on a shelfOur comprehensive guide to turnkey SharePoint solutions will accelerate your purchasing decision and ensure you make the right choice. It is full of practical advice on the tools that can give you a quick-start to an intranet. Is Unily better than Rise? What does Omnia do that no other product does? Is LiveTiles right for you? What are Wizdom’s strengths and weaknesses?

We review 34 solutions from around the world, using eight common scenarios based on our years of experience in SharePoint consulting. Because we focus on the business side of SharePoint and don’t sell any products, we are able to give you a genuinely independent evaluation.

The 430-page report includes screenshots, scenario-based evaluations, and our honest opinion. You won’t get this kind of information just from vendor websites or anywhere else. To top it off, we provide comparison tables to help you identify options to match your requirements, budget, and location.

“What a helpful resource, timely and thorough, and prefaced with insights and fair criteria.”

Mark Kashman, senior product manager, SharePoint team, Microsoft

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SharePoint products

34 in-depth product


430 pages


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What’s in the intranet in a box report

This is a buyer’s guide to ready-made intranets and ‘intranet accelerators’ for SharePoint and Office 365. The market for turnkey intranet products that transform SharePoint continues to grow, and we’ve reviewed more products than ever before. This collection of 34 independent, critical reviews, and summary details of 8 additional products, will help you shortlist the best-suited products and vendors.

Every product review includes:


A quick-view summary of pros and cons


Price band


Numerous screenshots


Vendor background information

Plus valuable star-ratings on key features:


News publishing

Employee experience

User experience

Social and knowledge management

Social and knowledge management





Employee services

Employee services




A vendor ‘wild card’

“Fantastically useful if you’re looking to develop a new intranet, or redevelop your existing one; and your thinking of going down a Microsoft technologies route.”

Jed Cawthorne of BMO Financial Group

Take a quick look

Omnia intro page
Omnia introduction - click to preview.
Collaboration Suite information page
Collaboration Suite information - click to preview.
Kasama review page
Kasama scenarios and scores - click to preview.

The 2017 report was “… tremendously valuable and well-written. It provides a clear, objective and unbiased assessment of a range of options for implementing world class intranets…”

Andrew Wright, intranet manager and founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, via LinkedIn

Exec summary

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You can download the 32 page executive summary today to get an overview of our report.

“Outstanding, invaluable, definitive, encouraging, inspiring”

Martin White, Intranet Focus

Executive summary preview
Exec summary, 'Choosing a product' - click to preview

Why buy the report?

  • It will save you time. We spent over 500 hours doing the research, so the cost of the report will be quickly recovered by saving you weeks of effort.
  • Our comprehensive list means you can be certain that you’ve done due diligence on the options, and can be confident in your choice.
  • You’ll make a better decision – we know what to ask vendors as we bring world-class intranet and internal comms experience to the process. Most of the reviewers have worked as intranet managers, and between them have over 75 years in the industry, working with Citi, Unilever, Diageo, Aviva, Exxon Mobil, Rio Tinto, Standard Chartered, Sony, and many others.
  • Our opinions are genuinely independent. We accept no fees for inclusion from vendors, have no re-seller relationships, or sponsorship, and we don’t sell any software products ourselves.
  • We tell you the bad as well as the good. We base our scores on business scenarios rather than a list of features so we aren’t easily impressed or swayed by a vendor’s claim to be unique. Each review was checked by three people, and the scores were balanced as necessary.
  • It’s the only report of its kind and covers vendors from USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Vietnam. Did we mention there are 34 product reviews and 8 summaries in all? That’s a lot!

Reviews of the 2018 report

“Overall what comes across is the depth of experience of the review team. The comments are always informed and incisive, not just edited versions of publicity material.

“The introduction sets out very clearly the benefits and issues around using out-of-the-box products in general and SharePoint-based products in particular.”

— Martin White, author of ‘The intranet Management Handbook’ and ‘Enterprise Search’, of Intranet Focus

“The ClearBox SharePoint in-a-box report is exactly what we needed for the evaluation of our new intranet. It helped us get a good overview over the products on the market and saved us a lot of time creating a shortlist.”

— Lukas Kocherhans of BKW

“The SharePoint intranets in-a-box report saved us a ton of time. There are many good software options out there and the report does a nice job of comparing apples to apples. It is also in a very easy to follow format and the screenshots were very helpful.”

Anonymous (verified purchaser)

“The report could be of considerable value to you if you’re about to go out and do vendor evaluations, as it could allow you to do a first cut and concentrate on a smaller field. I can thoroughly recommend purchasing a copy of this excellent piece of work.”

Jed Cawthorne of BMO Financial Group

Reviews of the 2017 report

“This report really helped me shortlist the vendors to speak to. It saved me at least 4 weeks of studying the market. If you are looking for a ‘buy not build’ solution, read this report first.”

— Malou Wezemael, Digital Workplace Manager at EDF Luminus, Belgium

“I had never purchased a whitepaper / research results before, and I have to say it was well worth it. Great product!”

— Mark Reid, Capital Engineering, USA

“If you are in the position of looking at an intranet in a box product to purchase, I would highly recommend investing in this report to save you the pain later on.”

Jeremy Thake, Senior Product (Office 365) Marketing Manager, Microsoft, via Medium

“ClearBox’s report is wide-reaching, easy to read and provides a solid foundation upon which to compare solutions.”

“…undoubtedly a valuable asset going into 2017, and one which I think is worth investing in.”

Kaya Ismail, business software journalist, via CMSWire

“I found this research to be relevant, easy to read and very useful…”

“…clear, concise and easy to read research that helps me focus, or discount some vendors at an early stage are a great help.”

“…this research will help you narrow your focus, and with 26 SharePoint based products … it may introduce you to a vendor and a product you did not previously know of.”

Jed Cawthorne, Director of Business Technology Strategy and Knowledge Management at BMO Financial Group, via LinkedIn

“A superb achievement in both scope and quality.”

“This is a report that just shouts ‘Read Me!’”

“Each vendor is profiled in a well structured format together with an assessment of its product that could only have been carried out by a team that had substantial experience in SharePoint technology and implementation together with a deep understanding of what users expect an intranet to be able to deliver. This is immediately evident from the way in which eight use-case scenarios are used as the basis for the assessment.”

Martin White, author of ‘The intranet Management Handbook’ and ‘Enterprise Search’, of Intranet Focus

“…would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is thinking it’s about time to upgrade, refurbish, make-over or even completely re-design their SharePoint intranet.”

Andrew Wright, intranet manager and founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, via LinkedIn

“This report brings welcome clarity to a growing field of tools and I found it an excellent resource to share with budget holders, sponsors and stakeholders alike.”

Reg Lewin, Digital workplace and intranet consultant, working at Great Ormond Street Hospital

$595 Approx. £450 / €505 +VAT in EU.
ClearBox is a UK-based company.

Easily pay with your card online now, and get a receipt via email.

Or request an invoice and receive the report and receipt upon payment. Help.

This report was published on the 27th of November 2017.

Contact us

For help purchasing the report or to discuss choosing a product, email us on sharepoint@clearbox.co.uk and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Products covered

  1. Akumina Digital Workplace from Akumina
  2. Attini Intranet from Rapid Circle
  3. Attollo from Attollo Group
  4. Beezy from Beezy Inc.
  5. Bonzai from Bonzai Intranet
  6. collaboration suite from isolutions AG
  7. Debble Workplace fromDebble
  8. EasyShare from EasySharePoint
  9. ElevatePoint Intranet from ElevatePoint
  10. Emgage Intranet from Emgage
  11. FLEX Digital Workplace from ICS Solutions
  12. Fuse from Catapult Systems
  13. Go Intranet Accelerator from Habanero
  14. Hadron from Cloud2
  15. Hoozin from Hoozin SAS
  16. Injio from WebVine
  17. IntraActive from ProActive
  18. Kasama from Circle T Industries
  19. Kira from CompanyNet
  20. LiveTiles SharePoint from LiveTiles
  21. LS Intranet from Lizard Soft
  22. MatchPoint from Colygon
  23. Mercury from Intelligent Decisioning
  24. Mesh from Acuvate Software
  25. Omnia Intranet from Precio Fishbone
  26. OneWindow Workplace from Withum
  27. Powell 365 from Powell Software
  28. Rise from Perficient
  29. Solvion Workbox from Solvion
  30. SP Intranet Portal from SP Marketplace
  31. The Hub from AMT Evolve
  32. Unily from BrightStarr
  33. Valo Intranet from Blue Meteorite
  34. Wizdom from Wizdom

Short product summaries

  • Elastic Intranet from Elastic Cloud Solutions
  • Fresh from Content and Code
  • Intranet Kit from Covenant Technology Partners
  • Involv from Cognit
  • PeopleIntraNet from PeopleNet
  • SimplySo for Office 365 from SimplySo
  • SiteSprout from i-Squared
  • Twine Online from itsystems AG

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