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SharePoint intranets in-a-box report

What you’ll get

With the rise of ‘out of the box’ solutions making it easier to roll-out and manage SharePoint, we look at the the top third party add-ons.

  • Attini News by Rapid Circle
  • Bonzai by Dynamic Owl
  • ElevatePoint News by Goldwater Software
  • Hadron8020 by Cloud2
  • Unily by BrightStarr
  • Wizdom by Webtop

Second edition, coverNew version out now

We have released the expanded second edition, and it covers 26 intranet products for on top of SharePoint.

You’re welcome to download V1 for free, but it only covers 6 products and they were reviewed some time ago. If you need to improve the intranet experience of SharePoint, consider our second edition for independent guidance.


To receive V1.1 of the report please fill in the form and we will immediately email you the download link.

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This report was published in February 2016.

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