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Social intranets and collaboration tools. Twelve workshops to pick and mix.

London, 23rd May.

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Past speaking engagements

  • Interact’s Interaction summer conference, 10th May, London – Employee experience and the digital workplace
  • ThoughtFarmer Thought Summit, May 2017, Vancouver – Making sense of your digital workplace
  • Building an intranet / digital workplace on SharePoint & Office 365 – Workshop: Stockholm, 21st October.
  • Intranet Now conference, Sept 2016 – Hubs, hives, and hangouts.
  • Congres Intranet, Utrecht, Netherlands; 22nd March 2016.
  • Rebel IT, table discussion at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen – shadow applications like Slack, WhatsApp, and Trello within the enterprise digital workplace; 1st to 3rd March 2016.
  • Interaction conference 2015, key note: Planning your digital workplace roadmap.
  • SPBiz – SharePoint Business Conference – Driving Yammer adoption. Log-in, or register now for instant video access.
  • 7 things about intranets I learned the hard way (webinar arranged by Bonzai Intranet) register / log-in to view the recorded video.
  • SharePoint Connect, 18th-19th November 2014, Amsterdam
    • Building a digital workplace on SharePoint
    • Ten worst practices for SharePoint intranets
  • Making sense of your digital workplace (keynote), 30th September 2014 – Intranätverk, Malmö.
  • Table discussion: ‘The future of work – does social, mobile and a digital workplace mean management must change too?’, Social Media In the Large Enterprise, 25th September, London.
  • Engaging with SharePoint – deepening user adoption in your workplace, 23rd September 2014 – Congres SharePoint, Utrecht.
  • What is the future for SharePoint? (keynote), 23rd September 2014 – Congres SharePoint, Utrecht.
  • Avoiding the top 10 mistakes in SharePoint projects – pre-conference workshop, 22nd September 2014 – Congres SharePoint, Utrecht.
  • Intranet Adoption workshop, 17th September 2014 – IntraTeam, Copenhagen.
  • Seven things about intranets I learnt the hard way, 2nd September 2014, Intranet Now, London.
  • SharePoint24, 16th and 17th April 2014. Presentation: Ten worst practices for SharePoint intranets.
  • Melcrum Digital Communication Summit, 2nd and 3rd April 2014. Facilitation: Best practice for 21st Century social intranets. Workshop: Deconstructing intranet governance: developing a cross-functional approach for success.
  • Congres Intranet 2014, 18th March 2014, Utrecht. Presentation: Making sense of your Digital Workplace. See Sam Marshall’s Congres profile.
  • Intranatverk 2014, 19th March 2014, Stockholm. Presentation: Making sense of your Digital Workplace.
  • IntraTeam Event 2014, Feb 25-27, Copenhagen. Workshop: Intranet governance in the real world – how to make it stick. IntraTeam Event2014, Feb 25-27, Copenhagen. Presentation: A roadmap for the digital workplace.
  • The Digital Workplace Manifesto, Interaction  2013, September 25, London
  • Closing Keynote. Intranets2013, Sydney 16th May 2013 (see video clip too)
  • Loving the Intranet -Opening Keynote. Intralife 2013, Oslo 23rd May 2013
  • SharePoint for Internal Communicators & Content Owners. 1-day workshop, Stockholm 4th December 2012
  • Keynote  on “Employee and Leader Adoption. Intranet Days Conference, Stockholm, 5th December 2012
  • Keynote on “Learning to Love SharePoint”. Congress SharePoint,   Utrecht 25th September 2012
  • Intranet Adoption.  Interaction 2012 London 3rd October 2012
  • 10 Worst Practices for Intranets. IntraTeam Conference, Stockholm 4th October 2012
  • SharePoint Metadata: What Business Users Need to Know – Pre-Conference Workshop. IntraTeam 2012, Copenhagen 28th Feb 2012
  • Loving the Intranet: Re-thinking Employee Adoption. IntraTeam 2012, Copenhagen 1st March 2012
  • Social Intranets & Portals and Future of Digital Workplace – Panel Member.  Social Workplace Conference, London 1st November 2011
  • Governing Intranets session, J.Boye Intranet Group, London 4th November 2011
  • Melcrum Social Media Benchmarking Group session , London 17th November 2011
  • 10 Worst Practices for Intranets, Interaction 2011, London 13th October 2011 #iconf
  • The Digital Workplace – Keynote.  IntraTeam events, Copenhagen 12th & 15th September 2011
  • Digital Workplace Maturity Model – Presentation. Intrateam 2011 Conference, Copenhagen, March 2011
  • Building Organisational Identity with Social Media – CAFOD case study. Online Information Conference, London, December 2010
  • The Digital Workplace Maturity Model – Keynote. Swiss Intranet Summit, Zurich, October 2010
  • 10 Worst Practices for Intranet.  Melcrum Fresh Ideas for Internal Communications Conference, London, April 2010
  • 10 Worst Practices for Intranets.  Online Information Conference, London December 2009
  • 10 Pitfalls and Lessons in Social Media Marketing.  Online Information Conference, London December 2009
  • 10 Ways to Create an Intranet Graveyard.  Milan May 2008
  •  Engaging Employees Through Intranets – Presentation. “Pharma Corporate Communications”, Rome, April 2008
  • Managing Intranet 2.0- How Should Web 2.0 Approaches Co-exist with Traditional Intranets? – Presentation. Online Information, December 2007
  • What To Do When Your Experts Retire? – Presentation. Unicom Talent Management conference, London, December 2007
  • Making the Business Case for your Intranet -Workshop Leader. Demonstrating the Value of Your Intranet, London 2007
  • Content Citizens & Content Consumers – Invited speaker. Knowledge Content & Collaboration, Europe 2005
  • Building & Sustaining a Collaborative Working Environments – Expert Panellist. London 2004
  • Business-Sensitive Knowledge Strategies -Invited speaker. Marcus Evans Knowledge Summit 2004
  • KM for the Legal Profession – Invited Speaker. Nottingham Law School, 2004
  • Knowledge Management Strategies – Key Note Speaker. KM Asia 2003
  • Utilising Knowledge Management to Improve Business Performance – Invited Speaker. Braintrust 2003
  • Quick Wins for Knowledge Transfer – Speaker. Henley KM Forum, 2003
  • Designing the Right KM Programme: Beyond Off-the-shelf Strategies – Invited Speaker. Knowledge Management in R&D, 2003
  • KM for New Ventures – Invited Speaker. KM World 2002
  • How Many KM Solutions Do You Need? – Speaker. Global KM eXChange 2002