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Regular updates to our SharePoint intranets in-a-box report

Buyers' guide, updated quarterly. Report cover on concrete.

Regular updates to our SharePoint intranets in-a-box report

Our SharePoint intranets in-a-box report is a highly-respected and established publication that we will now be updating and expanding every three months.

We started formally reviewing intranet products in 2015, and the report has grown in size and detail ever since. Releasing the massive tome has been a big deal each year and, considering the number of products on the market, we think a more agile approach to reviewing and publishing will give you a more accurate picture when you come to select a product.

Quarterly releases

We’re updating and expanding the report every three months now. This means that you’ll receive four issues of the report for just one purchase.

In summary:

  • Buy at any time and immediately get the current issue
  • Automatically receive the next three issues (published over the course of a year)
  • You will end up with four issues in total
  • Once the year is up, we will contact you to ask if you would like the next four issues.

In each release we’ll include new reviews and updated product information. We’ll also keep close track of Microsoft’s roadmap, so you can be sure that our advice is always up to date.

As someone who may just want the report today, nothing much changes for you! Ending up with four issues is just like purchasing one version in previous years. You get the very latest report as soon as you buy, so you can start talking to colleagues and persuading stakeholders.

Then, when we release the next issue with updates and new reviews, you’ll automatically receive it. Same for the next two issues. This will give you four issues in total.

We’ll even notify you when your year is coming to an end, just in case you want to purchase again to get the next version of the report (as we know, some intranet projects take longer than a year to get fully planned out).

The report costs $595, which is a one-off up-front payment that covers the whole year of updates. While the report is priced in US dollars, you can use your regular company credit / debit card and all the currency conversion will be done for you. ClearBox Consulting is a UK (and EU) company, but we price the report in USD for the global market.

Why you’ll want more than one version

Illustration. Exploded web parts and people.

Why would you want more than one version of the report, when you’re keen to select a product and launch your new intranet? We think digital teams will benefit from getting the report very early on, to get a sense of what is possible. Once you’ve gathered requirements and are ready to make a more precise buying decision, what is on offer may well have moved on (or Microsoft themselves may have announced something new). Multiple issues across the year will give you confidence that you always have the latest information to hand.

It’s not uncommon for the buying process to get stalled because Microsoft announces a new feature creating uncertainty. Our quarterly updates mean you can wait to see what impact it will have on your buying decision.

Our report also serves as an industry reference, so if your business is advising others, or developing a product of you own, we can help you stay on top of how the market is evolving.

Purchase and update examples

Buy now and get our 2019 V4 report, then automatically receive V5.0 in November, and V5.1 in February 2020, and then finally V5.2 in May 2020. Then in September 2020 you’ll be reminded that you have no more updates to come.

A second example; imagine purchasing in December 2019 and immediately getting V5.0, and then automatically being sent V5.1 in February, and V5.2 in May, and then finally V5.3 in August 2020. Then in December 2020 you would be reminded that you have no more updates to come.

When you need the report

Our report is the buyers’ guide to intranet products for SharePoint, and we are careful to remain neutral when presenting scores, facts, and features. ClearBox Consulting is an independent consultancy, and we do not take any payment from vendors for inclusion or favourable reviews. We review products against our criteria, and tell you the good and the not-so-good.

Our methodology reflects real-life business needs, and the number and selection of products reflect the marketplace.

Buy now to get the current report and we’ll automatically send you the next issue as soon as we release it. If you have any questions or more like more detail, please have a look at our T&Cs page. (By the way, our on-going reviews are well underway; we’re excited by the developments we’ve seen so far.)

Wedge Black

I support ClearBox in everything we do online, and I assist clients that are considering redeveloping or replacing their intranet platform. I worked in global and regional organisations as the intranet manager as part of the comms team, before becoming an intranet consultant. I'm the founder of the Intranet Now annual conference. I’ve tweeted about intranets and comms for fifteen years now.

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