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SharePoint Metadata & Information Architecture

Workshop exercise.

Learn where metadata can add value to your SharePoint sites

This workshop introduces the use of metadata and information architecture issues (IA) in SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013. It gives an overview of the concepts from a business rather than technology perspective and focuses on their practical application in intranets.

At the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of where metadata can add value to your SharePoint sites and a clear explanation of the role of information architecture in planning the relationship between sites and thinking through site navigation. Terminology such as; managed metadata, term sets, enterprise keywords, tags, taxonomies and content types, will all be addressed.

Topics covered include:

  • What is metadata and what has changed in SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013?
  • What decisions should business owners of SharePoint be making about metadata?
  • What do site owners and employees need to understand about metadata?
  • How can metadata be used to improve findability?
  • When should we use a formal taxonomy and when is a folksonomy or #tag use appropriate?
  • Should we be using lists, folders, document sets, tags or keywords?
  • How should we manage the relationship between corporate, department and collaboration sites?
  • Where do we start an analysis of metadata and IA needs?
  • Using card sorts and tree tests to guide IA decisions.
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