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Plenty of companies have early success with Yammer. And then it stalls. Or they hit growing pains and the early enthusiasm wanes.This scenario can happen to any enterprise social network (ESN), but it seems most pronounced in Yammer, partly because Yammer has such a large market share, but also because its freemium model means that the usual business-case test criteria (and the useful thinking that...

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 [caption id="attachment_805" align="alignright" width="150"] photo by Roy Blumenthal[/caption]Introducing the Phantom - a character created for the social network at LexisNexis UK  and  vividly described by Laurie Hibbs at the Melcrum Digital Workplace Summit this week.The Phantom is an online avatar that joins their internal Yammer discussions and is able to say what many think but few would post. He tells people who post trivial comments to the...

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