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Wishing on a dandelion clock.

Every intranet should be unique to the organisation it serves. But some themes recur so frequently that they feel fundamental for an intranet to address. My company regularly does discovery work for intranet and digital workplace strategy. The team decided to look back across all the data we’d gathered in the last six years to see what patterns emerged. The sample covered nearly 8,000 survey responses...

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[frame]This post is part of a series that looks at what’s changed from an intranet manager perspective, in particular things employees will notice and improvements for site and content owners. SharePoint 2013 Series Is SharePoint 2013 worth waiting for? SharePoint 2013 for intranet sites (this post) SharePoint 2013 social features SharePoint 2013 for collaboration SharePoint 2013 digital workplace and mobile (forthcoming) SharePoint 2013 governance, analytics and search (forthcoming) SharePoint 2013 user experience (forthcoming) See our summary webinar...

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