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What your intranet could be

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Webinar: Suzie Robinson of ClearBox

15th February 2022

Having reviewed intranet software and systems for over six years, we have a good understanding of what the vendors are doing. And as hands-on consultants, we have a fair idea of what digital workplace pros need from their intranet.

Join Suzie Robinson, consultant and tech researcher, to see the latest capabilities of some of the best intranet platforms that will interest Internal Comms, HR, IT, and everyone involved with improving the employee experience across the digital workplace.

Digital Workplace Brussels

2nd June 2022, Brussels | #DWBrussels

The conference will bring together people from Internal Communications, IT and HR to see case studies, hear expert speakers and participate in panel discussions.

Our Suzie Robinson will take to the stage, and we’ll have more details soon.

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Combining your intranet with Microsoft Teams

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Webinar: Michal Pisarek of Orchestry, and Sam Marshall of ClearBox

2nd June 2021

Given how work environments have shifted gear, intranet access should be available no matter where the users are and that’s increasingly in Microsoft Teams. Although MS Teams has filled the gap and taken on the load where the intranet fell short, intranets continue to remain relevant and vital for the digital workplace.

Unily Unite

21st to 23rd September 2021, Online | #Unite21

Photo of a woman, evidently speaking on stage.

View the Unite agenda and then register for free.

A virtual, live, conference over three half-days. Opened by none other than Louis Theroux.

Our Suzie Robinson will take to the virtual stage, and we’ll have more details soon.

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Intranet Italia Day

14th and 15th October 2021, Milan | #IID2021

Keynote, Sam Marshall.

View the IID agenda and then register for one or two days in-person in Milan.

“L’evento italiano dedicato a Intranet e Digital workplace.”

A mostly in-English in-person event.

Our Sam Marshall has the opening keynote on the first day.

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How Microsoft Teams changes Internal Communications

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Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox and Anders Fagerlund of Omnia

27th August 2020

Microsoft Teams has added an extra dimension to the digital workplace. With widespread adoption, internal communicators and intranet managers need to re-think and adapt their approach.

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Microsoft Planner 101

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Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox

19th February 2020

An unsung gem within Office 365, Planner is great for team collaboration and small-project management. Join Sam’s webinar to learn how it can fit into your workflow.

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18 – 19 November 2019, London | #smilelondon

smile conference crowd.

View the smilelondon home page.

One of Simply Communicate’s two annual conferences for internal communicators and digital workplace people.

Get 20% off your ticket with the ‘ClearBox‘ code — click to have the discount automatically applied.


9 – 10 June 2021, New York | #Unite20

logo: Unite 20

Our MD, Sam Marshall, will talk about how to be more user focussed:

With so many opportunities to expand your digital workplace, it’s tempting to get carried away and forget the basics. Successful workplace solutions put users first, but what is it that employees really want? Insight from the digital workplace expert who has seen it all.

Get 25% off your ticket with the ‘Speaker25‘ coupon code.
Sam Marshall

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