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How to bring frontline workers into the digital workplace

Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox and Patrick Püntener of LiveTiles

28th October 2020

For frontline workers, COVID-19 has led to massive acceleration in the digitalisation of work and brought the importance of employee experience and inclusion into sharper focus. In particular, the opportunity is being seized to bring ALL employees into the digital workplace, such as deskless, mobile, frontline, temporary and volunteer workers.

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Engage: The R/Evolution of Work

Online conference

23 June 2020 | #RevWork2020

Engage: The Revolution of Work.

Our MD, Sam Marshall, will present at 13:30:

Breakout – The evolution of your digital workplace: Reducing complexity and designing for people

How is work evolving, what do people want from their jobs and how can a well-designed digital workplace help? Attendees will understand how emerging workplace trends will impact employee choices for what tools to use when. We’ll explore ways to reduce complexity and simplify a digital workplace program for people in different roles. Along the way we’ll debunk a few myths about AI, the flat organization and the need for culture change.

Participants will learn:

  • How to design a coherent digital workplace that stays nimble and evolves
  • The role of platforms such as Office 365, and where they fall short
  • The essential glue that binds employee experience together, without technology lock-down.
Registration is free.
Sam Marshall

So, you’ve launched Microsoft Teams.
Now what?

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Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox and
Tim Swaag of LiveTiles

25th June 2020

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the collaboration platform of choice for all businesses and organisations running on Office 365. But how do you successfully accelerate the roll out of MS Teams while driving adoption and good governance?

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How Microsoft Teams changes Internal Communications

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Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox and Anders Fagerlund of Omnia

27th August 2020

Microsoft Teams has added an extra dimension to the digital workplace. With widespread adoption, internal communicators and intranet managers need to re-think and adapt their approach.

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Microsoft Planner 101

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Webinar: Sam Marshall of ClearBox

19th February 2020

An unsung gem within Office 365, Planner is great for team collaboration and small-project management. Join Sam’s webinar to learn how it can fit into your workflow.

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Intranet Now

4 October 2019, London | #IntranetNow

The impact of a strategic digital workplace: Tools and tactics to align your intranet with your org strategy.

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Intranet Now is owned and produced by Wedge Black, independently of ClearBox Consulting.



18 – 19 November 2019, London | #smilelondon

smile conference crowd.

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One of Simply Communicate’s two annual conferences for internal communicators and digital workplace people.

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9 – 10 June 2021, New York | #Unite20

logo: Unite 20

Our MD, Sam Marshall, will talk about how to be more user focussed:

With so many opportunities to expand your digital workplace, it’s tempting to get carried away and forget the basics. Successful workplace solutions put users first, but what is it that employees really want? Insight from the digital workplace expert who has seen it all.

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Sam Marshall

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