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How to be involved in our reports

We are happy to consider new platforms to include in our reports, or to explore products we are already aware of in greater detail. We’ve outlined below how you can get involved more, whether you are new to us or an existing product overview vendor.

New vendors

Please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with our ‘How we choose which products to include‘ page
  2. Familiarise yourself with our ‘How the report process works‘ page
  3. Consider if you want a light overview or for your product to be fully reviewed
  4. Complete the below form – we will get back to you in five working days.

Please be assured that the replies you provide will be treated in confidence, but will help us decide whether to include your product in our reports or not. We cannot include every product on the market, but we will carefully consider your request and make a balanced decision based on the answers you give and on our research.

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Review application
Your job title and / or responsibilities
Your work email address
The business you represent
The city / town and country where your head office is located.
The full name of your software
The year (YYYY) when your product was first launched
How often do you update your product?
The frequency that you improve features or make new features available
What type of product is it?
Only tick one or two boxes.
We are excited to learn about your product!
We just need a few names
For example, blog posts, webinars, conference presentations etc.
Desired review type
Please tick one or both boxes. We'll then consider the best way forward. The price to be included in the report will be sent to you; the price you pay covers the administration, design, and production costs of the report and does not influence the review or scoring. Please read all these guidance pages for details.
For example, you might offer a separate administration app, or a mobile app for managers.

Existing product overview vendors

If you have been included in our reports as a product overview already and would like to be considered for a full review, please email reports@clearbox.co.uk to begin the discussion. Note that willingness to pay to be included as a full review doesn’t automatically guarantee you a position in the report, as we have a maximum of 25 slots.

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

Password hint: ClearBox (no spaces).