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Workforce communication tools for logistics and transport

Workforce management systems for employee communications

The transport and logistics industry is full of frontline workers – delivery drivers, warehouse associates, operations managers to name a few – most will either be deskless or away from a large screen for much of the day. There’s real benefit in improving employee engagement for people in these roles, but organisations face a variety of communication, technology, and process challenges. Introducing an employee mobile app can be an effective way to tackle these challenges head-on when you need robust internal communications for logistics .

Consolidate processes into one app

Electronic forms are a common part of employee app products, which not only provide the mechanism for people to complete the form but can also feed into larger systems. So, a forklift driver could complete a near-miss form on their app, which then passes into your Health & Safety system. Driver communication apps can also act as a central place for other systems, so Quinyx shift data or Workday holiday requests could be accessed, and actioned, from within just one tool.

Taking a photo of containers.

'Work' is what you do, not where you go.

Delivery via moped.

Frontline / firstline workers rarely sit down (at a desk).

Mobile internal communications for logistics and ‘work from anywhere’

‘Do not disturb: heavy machinery in use’

In your industry it’s important for your employees to be able to ignore your logistics communications, corporate news and digital tools for safety reasons. Many workforce apps allow for ‘do not disturb’ periods to be set and for notifications to be switched off, especially important for warehouse operations. Staff can dip in and out when it suits them, and it will all be there waiting for them when it’s convenient, ensuring safe communication for drivers and warehouse workers.

Easily share news, logistics and transport communications

Short and sweet, or long and detailed – there are different styles across different app products. It’s not all about writing long transport communications of course, so your CEO could share a business update through a live video instead. Sharing warehouse worker communications like this is more reliable than email or physical communications, especially if you invite workers to react or respond to the news. There are often features to force users to acknowledge when they have read something, which is then reportable. A feature not only useful for logistics communications, but also compliance documents.

Logistics communications and employee engagement for frontline, field workers

No need to supply company owned devices

Balancing the need to provide a digital workplace for your frontline staff and the cost of providing work devices is difficult. With field workers apps  your workers can use their own devices to recieve field worker communications, but in a digital environment that is safe and secure for the organisation and the individual. Access can be granted through a variety of methods, such as a paper QR code with a payslip, and admins can control permissions and remove people as they leave.

Social features bring people together

A lorry driver could share the view from a truck stop on the top of a hill in Scotland. The warehouse team could discuss where to go for the Christmas party. See what bus drivers think of a transport communication from the Operations Director from comments on the news story. Gather ideas from your port team to find ways to improve the business. All of this is possible through an app. If you share news from the frontline it will improve engagement and make people feel a real part of the business.

Our employee apps report goes through all of these situations, and more, to help make sense of a complex market and the associated features. It will save you weeks of research time and give you confidence you’re introducing the right internal communication tool for logistics . So, click through and consider this small investment into a bigger improvement.

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