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Buyer’s guide to intranet and employee experience platforms

The best intranets reviewed — in one report, for free

Our new report reviews every category of intranet — including independent intranet software, ‘in-a-box’ products for SharePoint, communication platforms, and the new breed of employee experience platforms that offer desktop and mobile apps.

Download the full report now to see our robust reviews of 20 leading intranet systems, along with an additional dozen product overview reviews to help kickstart your shortlist.

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Revised to version 1.3

The 733-page report is a completely free download,
and we’ll automatically send you any updates.

What’s in the report

We spent hundreds of hours assessing 33 of the best intranet and employee experience platforms against our rigorous framework. In the report you will find:

  • A thorough introduction (worthy of a whitepaper alone) that tackles topics such as ‘A new intranet – build or buy, SharePoint, add-on or independent?’
  • 20 robust reviews independently assessed and scored against 10 business scenarios, where we don’t focus on features, we focus on capabilities
  • Dozens of screenshots, showing you the inner workings of products
  • 13 product overview reviews that are shorter but are of products that are definitely worth considering for your shortlist
  • Review commentary that explains what our independent reviewers found tricky and delightful, technical tables and a price bracket indication in each review.

We gave this product a great “4 out of 5” for information finding because of the fine user experience and the rich administration tools.

Download the full report,
and share with your team today.
Find the best intranet software for your needs.

Reviewed intranet systems

  1. Akumina Employee Experience Platform
  2. Axero’s Communifire
  3. Beezy
  4. Colibo
  5. Elcom
  6. FirstUp
  7. Haiilo Home
  8. Happeo
  9. Interact
  10. Involv Intranet
  11. Invotra
  12. LiveTiles Employee Experience Platform
  13. LumApps
  14. Omnia
  15. Powell Intranet
  16. SharePoint Online & Viva
  17. Staffbase Intranet
  18. ThoughtFarmer
  19. Unily
  20. Valo Digital Workplace

Product overview reviews

  1. ahead Intranet
  2. Atlas
  3. Attollo Intranet
  4. Fresh Intranet
  5. GO Intranet
  6. GreenOrbit
  7. Ichicraft
  8. Injio
  9. IntelliEnterprise
  10. MangoApps
  11. Ripple
  12. Titan
  13. ShortPoint

Check our intranet and app directory to see more digital workplace systems, platforms, and products.

On top of SharePoint, alongside SharePoint, stand-alone and more

This new report replaces our well-known ‘SharePoint intranets in-a-box report’ and our ‘Independent intranet report’, assessing different categories of products against the same criteria for the first time. By reviewing all kinds of intranet systems in one single report, you get to see the whole market and consider whether you need an intranet that transforms SharePoint, or simply integrates well with Office 365 tools, or something else entirely.

In this example the reviewed product is an ‘independent’ system that doesn’t require SharePoint, Google, or anything similar to work.

Version 1.3 is built on six years of reviewing

The report is completely free, and you can download it today without fuss. While there’s no cost to you, we’ve invested the same amount of time and effort as we have with our previous reviews and reports (which used to be $495 to purchase).

While our new report has all-new reviews, and includes new products, we have a long history of reviewing digital workplace systems and apps. Our reviews have helped establish ClearBox as a trusted partner and leading digital workplace consultancy; sharing our expertise is a cornerstone of our working practices. Please get in touch if we can help you select the right intranet solution, or help revamp your digital workplace strategy and governance.

Our review team is made up of independent, well-known, experts who have followed the ClearBox review framework. We’re confident each review will give you a fair understanding of the vendor’s strengths, and help you consider your intranet requirements and priorities to build a best-fit shortlist.

Download the free report now and share with your team. Tweet us on @ClearBox or connect with us on LinkedIn.