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Small print

Few people read small print, so we’ve made ours big and succinct.

Cookies and tracking

Our website uses cookies – tiny bits of code that track your browser. We only do this so we can see which pages on our website are popular, where you click, and how you read and interact with pages, and what countries our visitors come from. We don’t track anything you do elsewhere on the web, and we don’t know anything about you as a person.

If you’ve come to ClearBox from a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google advert then the respective company will know, but we don’t know who you are as an individual.

Privacy and your personal details

We don’t know or record anything about you as a person, unless you tell us your name and email address by using one of the forms on our website.

If you fill in a form on our website, you may be offered the choice of subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

If you email us directly, obviously we’ll then know what you tell us, but we will not subscribe you to our newsletter.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll know your name and email address. Simple as that.

We will never give away or sell your contact details or anything like that.

Storing and processing your personal details

With your consent, we, and authorised third-parties, store and process your personal details only so we can provide you with the services you’ve requested, and we record your consent to do so. We, and authorised third-parties, process identifying information and commercial information, but no sensitive data whatsoever.

Clearbox Consulting, our website, and our business service technologies are located in the UK, but some personal details may be stored by authorised third-parties outside of the EU, but continue to be protected by the GDPR and often the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

You can unsubscribe from our mails, by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any of our newsletters, or by emailing us directly from the email address you want removed.

If you unsubscribe from our mailing list, our mailing list manager will continue to store your details for three years, simply to ensure you are not inadvertently re-subscribed or emailed without your explicit permission. You can request a full deletion by emailing us, but this means we’ll know nothing of your preferences in the future, so theoretically, you could be re-subscribed if you used one of our contact forms (a good thing, perhaps).

You have eight protected rights under the provision of the GDPR. You can ask us to rectify or delete your data, and you can complain to the ICO or appropriate supervisory authority as you see fit.

Any personal details we store or process will likely come directly from you. We do not purchase data from third-parties or scour the web for contact details. We sometimes receive contact details from partners for specific reasons, e.g. if we’ve been part of a webinar with a vendor or agency.

Because our mailing list software tracks engagement, your data will be automatically processed. Your data could potentially be catagorised around your interests and engagement, to help us provide more relevant information to you. It’s not a particularly rich profile, and you can request your records if you like.

If you don’t want us to have your name and email address or any other personal details, don’t give us them, or ask for them to be deleted. It may then become impossible to provide you with certain services (newsletter, mailing list, free webinars) but this will not be to your detriment as we are not in any contractual arrangement to provide critical information to you. But you will miss out on some great articles and resources.

Contact Sam Marshall of ClearBox Consulting with regard to personal data processing.


The text across our website, including any files or presentations we publish, is our intellectual property and we forbid reuse unless you ask for permission and we agree. That’s standard copyright, all rights reserved.

Some of the images we publish will have been created by other artists or photographers, and we use them with permission. If you want to reuse an image from our website, you’ll have to ask the original creator, which may be us, or someone else.

Terms and conditions

Clients engage our services because of our capabilities and expertise. This website provides a fair snapshot of our capabilities, but does not constitute a promise or agreement of any kind. We use actual factual proposals and contracts when agreeing the scope of work with potential or new clients.