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Our expert assessments of independent intranets (that do not require SharePoint) will accelerate your purchasing decision and ensure you make the right choice for your organisation. Download the free executive summary to see a sample review, how we lay out the details, and how we determine the scores for ten scenarios.

“An exceptionally useful resource. We’re using during discovery to build options and cost appraisal into the business case.”

Martin Stubbs-Partridge, Internal communications, NatureScot

Independent intranets report exec summary. Download the free executive summary now

To receive the 70-page exec summary, please fill in the form and we will immediately email you the download link. The full report is well over 400 pages, with expert reviews of 16 independent intranet systems, and overviews of 7 more.

IIR executive summary

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The full, 420-page report offers detailed assessments of 16 independent intranet systems, covering internal communications, social contribution, collaboration, and overall experience for users and administrators.

Read more about the report and see how we assess each intranet system against ten important business scenarious to help you find the best-fit intranet platform.

Our 70-page exec summary includes:

  • Sample review
  • Expert guidance for your decision making process
  • Discussion of SharePoint intranets versus independent
  • Screenshots
  • Our ‘Intranet Choices’ to kick-start your shortlist
  • Explanation of scoring, and price-band indicators.

The full report will:

  • Save you time – we’ve spent hundreds of hours assessing these intranets, to considerably reduce your research time.
  • Show you the market – most detailed report of its kind, showing 16 products in full, with 7 more product overviews.
  • Enable you to make a best-fit decision – we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each system.
  • Help you have better conversations about your organisation’s requirements – our evaluations are based around ten business scenarios, not merely whizzy features.

Read more about the report and start building your shortlist of suitable intranets today.