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SharePoint intranets in-a-box report 2019

New edition, out this November, 2018

SharePoint intranet products - 2019 report.

New edition, out this November, 2018

We’re just days away from releasing our fourth annual report about intranet products for SharePoint / Office 365.

Our 500+ page report is the buyers’ guide — it will help digital workplace leaders, intranet managers, and IT professionals consider the market, match products to priority requirements, and build a shortlist of suitable intranet products.

Microsoft’s communication sites and hub sites improve the intranet features of SharePoint Online and have shaken up the in-a-box product market. Our scenario-based review system delves into how products have responded and are evolving.

Our reviews are unbiased and completely independent – ClearBox Consulting does not accept payment for our reviews or enter into any referral agreements; we feature vendors that we feel have a proven track record and that have a product that can truly impact your organisation.

This will be our largest report yet, covering more products than ever in a maturing market. You will be able to purchase the report for immediate download using a debit / credit card, or you can request an invoice for your purchasing department.

Released mid-November — join our newsletter to be notified.

“What a helpful resource, timely and thorough, and prefaced with insights and fair criteria.”

Mark Kashman, senior product manager, SharePoint team, Microsoft, regarding the 2018 edition.

SharePoint intranet products - 2019 report.
SharePoint products

39 in-depth product


600 pages


Instant download
of the PDF

What’s in the intranet in a box report

This is a buyer’s guide to ready-made intranets and ‘intranet accelerators’ for SharePoint and Office 365. The market for turnkey intranet products that transform SharePoint continues to grow, and we’ve reviewed more products than ever before. This collection of 39 independent, critical reviews, and summary details of 17 additional products, will help you shortlist the best-suited products and vendors.

Every product review includes:


A quick-view summary of pros and cons


Price band


Numerous screenshots


Vendor background information

Plus valuable star-ratings on key features:


News publishing

Employee experience

User experience

Social and knowledge management

Social and knowledge management





Employee services

Employee services




A vendor ‘wild card’

“Fantastically useful if you’re looking to develop a new intranet, or redevelop your existing one; and you’re thinking of going down a Microsoft technologies route.”

Jed Cawthorne of BMO Financial Group

Reviews of the 2018 report

“Overall what comes across is the depth of experience of the review team. The comments are always informed and incisive, not just edited versions of publicity material.

“The introduction sets out very clearly the benefits and issues around using out-of-the-box products in general and SharePoint-based products in particular.”

— Martin White, author of ‘The intranet Management Handbook’ and ‘Enterprise Search’, of Intranet Focus

“The ClearBox SharePoint in-a-box report is exactly what we needed for the evaluation of our new intranet. It helped us get a good overview over the products on the market and saved us a lot of time creating a shortlist.”

— Lukas Kocherhans of BKW

“The SharePoint intranets in-a-box report saved us a ton of time. There are many good software options out there and the report does a nice job of comparing apples to apples. It is also in a very easy to follow format and the screenshots were very helpful.”

Anonymous (verified purchaser)

“The report could be of considerable value to you if you’re about to go out and do vendor evaluations, as it could allow you to do a first cut and concentrate on a smaller field. I can thoroughly recommend purchasing a copy of this excellent piece of work.”

Jed Cawthorne of BMO Financial Group

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For help purchasing the report or to discuss choosing a product, email us on sharepoint@clearbox.co.uk and we’ll reply as soon as we can.