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An introduction to our reports

Since 2015 we have been publishing reports that review intranet, employee mobile app, and other communications platforms. These have been downloaded thousands of times over the years and we are proud to have helped so many businesses. For products that we can’t fit into our reports we also have our product directory.

What the reports do

Our reports provide businesses with independent, critical, in-depth reviews of the best products on the market. We have used our decades of personal experience, as well as the experiences of working with clients since 2007, to create business-oriented scenarios, which all ‘full reviews’ are assessed against.

Although vendors pay to be included in the report, this is via an invite only and we assess every product before we decide which should be included. We therefore include those products we feel are best on the market, rather than those who are willing to pay.

The benefits of our reports to vendors

  • Independent, in-depth exploration of your product – you can use the data to guide your roadmap, and readers will find out more about your product than they can find elsewhere.

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

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  • Market and competitor research you can’t easily get elsewhere.
  • Consultancies (not just us!) use the reports to help clients select products.
  • Our Choices badges are the only product focussed awards based on in depth evaluations of intranet products.
  • Highlights the benefits your products can bring to businesses.
  • Allows customers to compare products in detail, using information not readily found elsewhere.
  • We actively market the report, as do other vendors, and we use examples we see in demonstrations in webinars or conferences as good practice.

The benefits of our reports to businesses

  • It saves time – we spend hundreds of hours doing the research and readers save weeks of effort by getting access to information all in one place.
  • Our reports are comprehensive and businesses feel assured that they have done due dilligence.
  • Our opinions are genuinely independent – we have no re-seller relationships, or sponsorship, with vendors and we don’t sell any software products ourselves.
  • We highlight the bad as well as the good. We base our scores on business scenarios rather than a list of feature and each review is checked by three people, with scores balanced as necessary.
  • There are no other reports quite like ours, and they include vendors from across the globe.

We’ve always had excellent feedback from businesses

Feedback on our Independent Intranets Report:

“An exceptionally useful resource. We’re using during discovery to build options and cost appraisal into the business case. Really looking forward to seeing what the market has to offer in the months ahead.“
– Martin Stubbs-Partridge, Internal Communications Manager at NatureScot

Feedback on our Employee Apps Report:

“This report has come at such a crucial time for communication teams around the world. Being able to make decisions about technology at pace is crucial and this report has so much detail and information for those working inside organisations that it takes all that hassle away. It’s been really helpful for some of our clients as they look to understand more about the tools out there.”
– Jenni Field, Director, Redefining Communications, CIPR Vice President

Feedback on our SharePoint Intranets in-a-Box Report:

“I’ve been buying the intranet in-a-box reports for many years and I always get tremendous insight from their analysis. The scenarios are realistic and relevant and their commentary is always fair and truthful. It’s just barely a stretch to say that everything I know about the in-a-box industry I’ve learned from ClearBox!”
– Rachelle Tedder, Senior Manager, Servus Credit Union (Canada)

Feedback on our range of reports:

“ClearBox Consulting reports always amaze me with the scale of work done and their ability to compare complex data in a way that’s easy to understand. Always valuable material.”
– Elena Bogdanova, Digital workplace consultant, Rivelty (Russia)

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

Password hint: ClearBox (no spaces).