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How the review report process works

Review process

There are three simple steps that we take all vendors through.

1. Vendor questionnaire

We ask all vendors the same set of questions. These form the basis for our technical tables, which include the sort of information that businesses would ask about as part of their non-functional requirements. We also use the information gathered as part of our summary information, such as the branding opportunities using your platform. We give vendors a few weeks to complete the questionnaire, then we place in our template and edit where needed.

2. Review

Product overviews

Vendors may choose whether to host a 30-minute demonstration, where you can show a ClearBox reviewer the highlights of your product. As well, or instead of, the demonstration, the reviewer will also explore your website and any marketing materials to form a picture of the product. They will then write a ‘ClearBox view’ of a few paragraphs and edit the questionnaire responses.

Full reviews

We ask vendors to give us a demo of around 3-hours, which is structured around our framework of common business scenarios. A ClearBox reviewer then writes up the results, selects highlights, and writes summary information. Reviews then go through at least two editors to check accuracy and consistency, before we decide it’s ready to pass to vendors.

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

Password hint: ClearBox (no spaces).

3. Vendor check

Once we’re happy with the content of a review, the author will share a copy (without the scores) with the vendor. This is the point where you can check factual accuracy – if we have got anything factually incorrect then we will happily make amendments. We will also amend our opinions where they are based on an inaccuracy, although we won’t make changes for any other reason. We also ask for screenshots during this stage, to make sure they are of high enough quality for the report. We then do one final editing pass where we compare all scores for consistency, then hand to our designer to create the final report.

If you would like to be involved in our reports, please review the above and then visit our ‘how to be involved‘ page to complete a contact form.

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

Password hint: ClearBox (no spaces).