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Working with us beyond the reports

We have good relationships with all the vendors we work with, and Suzie, Wedge and Sam are happy to be asked to be involved in activities, provided we can be involved from a vendor-neutral perspective. Unfortunately there’s not enough time in the year for us to work with everyone that asks, but we’re open to discussing options with you.


Conferences, whether online or in person, offer a huge amount to participants – and we’re very happy to participate too! We enjoy meeting new and existing colleagues from across the community, so speaking at an event is a nice way to combine two things into one. Due to the size of the audience and variety of content covered, conferences are our preferred method for working with vendors and other partners. We usually charge a speaking fee and expenses to speak at conferences, but this also depends on the audience and location.

Guest slot on a webinar

We are happy to appear on a webinar as a guest. This means we’re happy to offer our expertise, opinion, or commentary on a subject in your webinar, but we won’t be able to create presentations or commit to actively promoting the session. If we have space in our marketing activities, then of course we will do what we can. So, we could appear in discussion with one of your experts, or add some thoughts as you talk through slides, or even take part in a Q&A.

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Guest slot on a podcast

Similar to the webinar point above, we’re happy to appear as guests on your podcast. As podcasts aren’t live, we’re more likely to promote these than a webinar as they aren’t time-sensitive.

Briefing / Q&A session

While not an audience-facing activity, we are happy to offer a paid-for service where we spend an hour or so talking with you about our knowledge of the marketplace. This would include an overview of the industry as a whole and allow you to ask us questions on what we’ve found.

Please get in touch with marketing@clearbox.co.uk with details and we will get back to you.

Password protected. The password has been sent to participating vendor representatives.

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