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Our new intranet review report is here (and it’s free)

New reviews, new products, new price (it's free). Woman on laptop, report cover.

Our new intranet review report is here (and it’s free)

The first edition of our Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report is now available, entirely free to download.

The near 700-page report includes reviews of 31 of the best products on the market (including SharePoint and Viva). We’re confident that it will help you shortlist and select the best intranet or employee experience platform for your organisation.

Report cover: Intranet and employee experience platforms. Reviews of the best products. Woman on couch with dog and laptop.

For those who have followed us for a while, there are a few changes with this new report (some of which we’ve already talked about) but the shift to making this a free resource is the most significant.

How the report will help you

We’ve been reviewing intranet products since 2016 – taking market leaders through their paces and helping readers make the right choices for their businesses. We’ve taken that experience, and the experience of working with scores of clients on their digital workplace projects, to create this new 500+ page report.

Each vendor demonstrated to us how their product fulfils ten different business scenarios. This is more than a list of features and functions; our scenarios are real-life business situations that products should meet head-on (such as internal communication needs, mobile solutions, and general user experience). We identified these scenarios after months of research into the products on the market, user needs, and business requirements; each scenario is presented as part of the write-up.

We have reviewed 19 products in detail, and completed a lighter-touch review of an additional twelve. We believe that our report will give you all the foundation information you need before you consider the right approach for your organisation. This will save you weeks of research time, as well as provide information you simply can’t get from vendors’ websites, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions about these products.

Independent experts

We haven’t written the report alone, we’ve had help from people across the world of internal communications, HR, digital workplaces, and intranets – all of them experts in their fields and excellent voices in our report.

The 670-page report is a completely free download,
and we’ll automatically send you any updates.

Intro video

Watch the recording of my launch webinar, as I showcase the modern functionality from some of the best intranet systems.

Click to watch the 40 minute video.

Please get in touch

We’d really like to hear your thoughts on our report, so please leave a comment below or email us at hello@clearbox.co.uk. Please let us know if you write a blog post about the report, or tag us if you do anything on social media too. If you’re a vendor who’s interested in being involved in our reports in future, please have a look at our ‘information for software vendors’ section and get in touch.

Suzie Robinson

I've always worked with intranets, and have practical experience with all aspects of intranet management, including research, implementation, governance, and strategy. My roots are in internal communication and I focus on employee experience and engagement.

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