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Intranet and digital workplace Sam Marshall, Director of ClearBox, will lead a workshop on intranet governance, and give a talk on a Roadmap for the Digital Workplace at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen. Sam's 90-minute workshop will be at 3pm on the 25th February -  Intranet Governance in the Real World - How to Make It Stick. The aim is to go beyond policies, to consider how to change...

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Creating intranet content.

We noticed that many organisations we work with have good quality intranet content produced by the Communications team, but as you get into the detail of their sites standards start to drop. Quite often the people responsible for these areas have been trained on the publishing tool, but had little guidance on how to get the most from an intranet as a channel: how to...

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Intranets have always straddled multiple functions, but with the growth of the digital workplace, balancing what is in and out of scope for an intranet is getting trickier. Often related initiatives such as SharePoint, Yammer, mobile access or BYOD risk confusing employees, but are not necessarily within the remit of the intranet manager to set their strategy. Here we present five guiding principles for that balancing act: 1. Don't Plan Your...

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It’s good to learn from your mistakes, but it’s much cheaper to learn from someone else’s. With this in mind, here’s a summary of 10 worst practices that I’ve seen as an intranet consultant and manager over the years. What strikes me is that, even as technology has moved on and trends such as social media and the ‘consumerisation of IT’ have risen, the fundamentals of...

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